Sunday, 30 November 2014

National Days and... The December Challenge!

Firstly, today is St Andrews Day, the Scottish national day.  St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, was a Galilean fisherman who is also apparently the saint of fishmongers, gout, and sore throats.  Google celebrated St Andrews Day by linking to various brilliant views of Scotland - I particularly like the image of Threave Castle.

All this made me think of national days.

England (the part of the UK where I live - yes, the UK is made up of different countries) has its own national day, St George's Day, but we barely seem to recognise it.  We don't get the day off work and its generally (always?  I'm not sure how they work out what day it falls on) during the week.

Anyway, St George's Day is next on Thursday the 23rd of April 2015, and I'm going to do something English to celebrate.  I don't know yet (probably queue and complain about the weather) but this time I'll mark the day.  I'd welcome ideas in the comments for things to do!

Moving on - December is coming, and with it the end of 2014.

So, I've decided to set myself a couple of challenges.

On my blog I want to hit 600,000 views by the end of the year - I'm currently on about 474 thousand (this is according to Blogger statistics - Google Analytics stats are rather  lower), and on my YouTube channel I'm going to aim for 14,000 views - I'm currently at 13,133.

Blogger stats.  Exciting wiggles.

YouTube stats.  Less exciting wiggles (but exciting green triangles)

So, what would you like to see on my blog and on my YouTube channel?  Again, any ideas let me know in the comments.

Enjoyed this? Want to watch a video?  Try "Northerner eating on t'cheap".  Or if you prefer blogs, check out "My Internet Connection Is Unstable"


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  2. We, here at Life Explained, (#lifeexplained) are going to celebrate St. Georges Day, by taking the day off, having fish, chips, crisps, a pint and maybe some tea. It is high time we, here at Life Explained, (#lifeexplained) started celebrating the family of man, with a few days off, good food, and maybe a beer.

    Who's with us???


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