Thursday, 2 April 2015

Call Me Vlad

Hopefully you enjoyed the little April Fool blog post, the Fruit Webcam - it was very much spur of the moment!  Rest assured that my fruit is in no danger of losing its right to privacy.

Due to, amongst other things, my current lack of motorised transport (not for much longer - hopefully I will have new car in a week or so) I've been out of the office for a few days.  When I did go in today I noted this image attached to the side of one of my colleagues computers:

Vladimir is watching you work.

Apparently he found some old passport photos and decided to make a decoration for his PC.  In the interests of free access to art, he provided me with a copy of the original to share:


He went on to suggest that Vladimir could be some sort of perhaps dark version of me.  I'm considering doing a video this weekend of Vladimir - unfortunately I don't have the beard at this time, but I do have a selection of stick on moustaches.  Suggestions for the video are welcomed!

In other news, my new group for local web creators, Hull Internet Creatives, was featured in the Hull Daily Mail today which was lovely (thanks to the brilliant Natalie from the HDM who made it happen), I'm hoping that it might lead to getting perhaps half a dozen people together for the first meeting planned in a few weeks. Fingers crossed!


  1. Hey, you look kind of sinister with the beard! Very appropriate and all, but sinister. That is very cool about the article, I am green with envy. You are a go getter, Mike.

    1. It caught me by surprise because I shaved the beard off a few months ago. We must do another blog link up of some sort, it's been a while.

  2. Vlad is kinda, uhm, creepy. :P
    Hey congrats on the feature. :)


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