Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Wanting to Travel

I've recently watched Dara and Ed's Great Big Adventure, a three part TV show where two comedians, Dara O'Briain and Ed Byrne, drive along the Pan-American highway for 4,000 miles, from Arizona to Panama, and going through all kinds of experiences on the way, from being wrestled by a Mexican wrestler, to eating iguana.

I found it all really interesting and enjoyable, and taught me a good deal about a part of the world that I have to confess I have extremely little knowledge about, and it did make me think more about travelling.  I haven't travelled a great deal, but I'd like to one day.

What makes people travel?  Exploration?  Broadening ones horizons?  New experiences?  Perhaps challenging oneself?  It's curious, and I do find it funny how people like to go away on holiday (and I include myself on this) yet they want most of the creature comforts from home - many years back I went to Majorca, and one of the bars I passed was set out as a "traditional British pub", serving pints of Tetleys Bitter, playing Only Fools and Horses on the TV, you could order a Sunday carvery, all that sort of thing.  And it certainly wasn't empty.

Dara and Ed's adventure looked great, and it made me think of a blog I found a while back (which annoyingly I can't find now) where a couple packed up their life in Vancouver, and drove across Canada to Nova Scotia, sleeping in their car - I think that they had an estate car, and basically stuck a mattress in the back.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on travelling - do you travel or not?  And why?  Where would you like to go - Europe and North America are top of my list!

I've surprisingly somehow managed to vaguely link this to a video I've just published on the Travelling Book Project - if you're not aware what the project is, watch the video, or pop over to the project website at http://www.travellingbook.eu/


  1. I haven't traveled much in my life but I have been working on the wife to let me get a Winnebago for when we retire. I want to be one of those old fools with the map of the United States on the back of the thing with all the states we visited colored in :)

    1. That sounds great Jeremy, I'd love to do that when we retire :)

  2. I love to travel! That's why I'm getting impatient as this summer I haven't booked any tickets yet.

    If money is not a problem, I'd like to visit Europe (Paris, Italy, London, etc.). I've seen so many great photos that are so surreal. I'd love to see them myself.

    1. It's really interesting what people like - I live in the UK and it's absolutely fine (I love to visit London, and Paris is my all-time favourite place ever) but if money was no object it'd be North America :)

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