Thursday, 21 May 2015

Integral Pen Drives are TOUGH

I found a pen drive earlier.

Thanks to Jeremy for the spam post on my blog yesterday, I particularly liked the Good Old Fashioned American Spam!

In other news, my latest video, VEGGIEBANG, is live.  It hasn't quite set the world afire as MEATYBANG did, but I hold out hope.


  1. Hey, did you find that in my car?

    1. Afraid not, but if you need a pen drive, here's a tip - go to any decent sized library (a college/university one works well), go to the help desk and say that you lost your black pen drive in there last week. With any luck they'll offer you one/some that they've found. Free pen drive! Free that is except of course for the loss of any morals you may have had.

  2. Absolutely true - I do admit that I tried it in my fiancée's computer in case there was a problem! But it worked perfectly.

  3. Funny meme. That must be one mutant/superhero pen drive. :)

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