Saturday, 16 May 2015

Now then

Now then!

(If you're not familiar with the term, "now then" is a traditional Lincolnshire greeting - depending on the tone it can be friendly or quite aggressive)

I've been gardening today.

I'm not a natural gardener.  When it comes to gardens I don't have anything against them per se, but they seem to take a lot more time and effort than I feel they deserve - I rarely sit out in the garden, I would probably say that 85%-90% of the time I spend in the garden I am doing one of the following:
a) Doing something to the garden
b) Putting out washing
c) Going to the garage for hammers, screwdrivers, or (best case scenario) cake making equipment
d) Shouting at my son to not throw his ball into next doors garden (a pointless exercise but I feel that it has to be done)

So to my mind it isn't worth a huge level of effort.  Nevertheless, today I was building a raised bed for flowers and plants to go in - periodically we buy a number of plants in pots, which I then let die because I forget to water them, it's a sort of death row for vegetation.  Sometimes they get a stay of execution when it rains, but I know it's going to come sooner of later.

No longer however - in the future they will be in the flower bed, and hopefully (assuming I can hold a watering schedule together long enough to get them bedded in) they will thrive there.  It was relatively energetic work for me, but I do admit to a good feeling at the end, when you can see the fruits of your labours.

And it meant that I felt able to make the below:

That is hot tuna and mostly grated cheese on toast which has had Heinz Curry Sauce spread on it.  It was good.

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  1. Nothing beats the labor of a good sammich (now you learned a New England term today too). I actually hate gardening too, but it is one of the few things in the world I am generally good at so I do it and have something to brag about come fall. Human failing of mine lol


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