Thursday, 18 June 2015

Guest post - All Our Yesterdays

My dad guest posts today - thanks dad!


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Mrs Forman was something of a character and in many ways a product of times long passed. She lived in the village where my wife grew up. Her husband was a mechanic and she wasn't, he was a man and most obviously she wasn't, she did the cooking and house cleaning, and he didn't - and all of this was perfectly normal, especially when we are talking 1950's and rural areas.

However Mrs Forman's 'differences' went beyond the commonplace, she drove a car! This was quite an achievement in those days and she was almost a celebrity, even if she never turned right and reversing was simply out of the question.

You see in ages long passed one could get a drivers licence simply by applying for one. It was deemed that providing the paperwork was filled in correctly then there was no need for tests or any such nonsense - you had a licence, so therefore you were clearly fit to drive!

It was an advantage that she lived in the country where few vehicles were seen on the roads and children would point and stare when a car passed by, but even so, journeys with Mrs Forman were something of an adventure.

Car parks were particularly difficult, a parking space simply had to be capable of being driven into and out of, or they were completely ignored and the whole journey would needs must follow a well known and safe pattern - there were many, many places you simply couldn't go to!

My wife's mother once accepted a lift to the nearby market town with Mrs Forman, and thereafter made sure she never accepted again. Some things are just too weird I guess to repeat.

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