Sunday, 30 August 2015

Slimming the natural way

I was perusing a shop near to my work with the name of Savers.  Savers, "where the smart shopper shops", sells a variety of low cost items generally of interest if you need snacks, cleansing materials (either domestic or personal), pet food, wine (why wine?!?), or medicines.

I was down the medicine aisle comparing the items in Savers to those in the Holland & Barratt I had visited immediately earlier, when I came across the below:

Ah yes, the natural way to slim - Patches!  I remember attempting to lose weight in the past by that new fangled fad of "eating less food while running around a bit more", terribly silly of me I know, but when you're young you dabble in craziness.


  1. I remember the hypnosis diet :)

    1. Hypnosis can work extremely well. It took me six months to break mine with repeated curries.

  2. I'd have to plaster the whole box all over me:)

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