Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Body Chat

Me: I can do anything!
Body: Okayyy, let's see where you're going this with...

Me: I have a Masters Degree in Construction Project Management!
Brain: Yes, we did get that, and we didn't even cheat.  Keep going.

Me: I can run a hundred metres in twenty seconds!
Legs: Well - yes, we did do that once, a few years ago...

Me; I can leap onto the top of a brick wall!
Knees: As long as it's one brick high, yes...

Me: I can slightly lean forward in my chair!

After heroically walking about three or four miles on Tuesday, my back has decided to say no to such challenging feats such as standing up, moving, sitting down, getting in/out of a car, laying down, sitting up right, or basically doing anything.  I'm treating it with a combination of painkillers and alcohol (no, I'm not telling you to mix alcohol and painkillers, it's a bad idea) plus a heat pack and I'm feeling a little better.  I should be setting up my PS2 in the computer room tomorrow night but it depends on my range of movement before I take the plunge to try something involving that amount of physical effort (for clarity, I do actually need to build a stand for the PS2 and TV, not just plug it in!).

I find back pain really annoying because most of the time my back is absolutely fine, but when it does go it takes quite a while to sort itself out.  I have a similar issue with my ankle - 99% of the time it's fine, then once in a blue moon when doing something outlandish like walking on it it'll suddenly decide "Hey, wouldn't it be fun to go sideways instead of keeping to the normal up-down motion" and I find myself yelling obscenities as I head for the ground at a rate of knots.

Do you ever suffer with your body? Drop me a comment about what you suffer with, because... well why not? :)

And go and look at my liqueur coffee flowchart too!


  1. I have had a major back injury. It is no fun and only the people that have had one understand how crippling it is. My ankle is fine but my knee is usually messed up from years of compensating for the back :(
    You have my prayers of well being.

  2. I am invincible practically Wonderwomen, Supergirl, Zena all rolled into one...then I woke up:)

  3. My ankles and feet have given up on me, too many years of pounding up and down a basketball court. And I am sure my liver is still mad at me for a lot of the eighties and some of the nineties, but other than that I am fit as a fiddle, and strong as an ox. In the words of the immortal Richard Thompson,

    "I feel so good I'm going to break somebodies heart tonight.
    I feel so good I'm going to take someone apart tonight."

    Well maybe I don't feel that good, but I feel pretty good.

    1. Well I guess that's part of life, use your bodies - they're either going to fail due to lack of use, or fail due to overuse, you may as well use them and enjoy them!

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