Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Computer Dreaming

I don't know if I've already posted about this, but I had a go with, a website that uses Google Deep Dream to generate dream images from pictures you provide.  For example, it changed this:
A picture of me somewhere up Mount Dalsnibba in Norway

Something with loads of birds and spidery things?!?

And in honour of the upcoming debate behind me and Tim about our respective political systems (get involved - Saturday 19th of September 2015! He's getting a lot of US supporters lined up, and I need more bloggers to put forward the case for the UK!) here is a UK flag all dreamed up.

Google likes eyes.

Have you had a go with any of the websites running Google Deep Dream?  Or have you tried running the Deep Dream software on your own PC?  I'd love to hear what you created!

In other news - my latest Random Wikipedia Article is up

And if you like it stay tuned to my channel - more rock-wallabies to be featured in the future!

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