Saturday, 17 October 2015

Being Creative

Today is a good day.

The day started by clearing out a good chunk of our garage, which over the past five years has gathered all kinds of wonderful knick-knacks, which are far too lovely to throw away yet not actually nice enough to keep anywhere better than an unheated concrete floored brick box with a leaky roof.  As a reward we went to Pave for lunch (one of my favourite pubs) which was nice, this afternoon my son blew his homework out of the water spending ages on it (again, good to see), the Tesco delivery arrived with beer in it (yay!), and I've just uploaded two new videos to YouTube.  I've also scheduled a load of tweets on Hootsuite - something which I do far too rarely - and I'm obviously writing this blog too.

Being creative is tricky - it's easy to come up with something like "I don't have the inspiration" or "I can't think of anything to blog about right now" (and sometimes I honestly feel like these are true) but what it really comes down to is "I don't feel like it".

To do it right I think you have to treat it as a job - for me, it's about expecting myself to churn out 3+ blog posts and 1+ video a week, of at least a reasonable quality.  Of course, I often fail to meet this, which is purely because I'm not disciplined enough.  That said, it is a hobby (and unless my advertising revenues increase by a factor of a thousand - or more - that isn't going to change any time soon!) so I'm not going to be too hard on myself.

And I have done a video - it's a quick look at new game Prison Architect, where you manage a prison.  Interesting, fun, dark, and surprisingly emotional.

So, as I say, it's a good day today.  I might even push on and try to write an extra post or two so I've got something ready for next week.

One last thing - Adele Archer kindly put up a guest post of mine today, which has a little test for people to see how well they can infer information about someone.  Have a go and drop a line in the comments.

Must go - it's beer time!


  1. Glad you've had a good day, sounds like you want your beer. Cheers

  2. Thats one of the things I have wondered about was the revenue thingy<<thingy is a woman word but I'm sure you already know that lol
    I reminded myself I'm still new and its for fun:)

    1. It's kind of interesting how the reason to blog spirals round and round. I blog because I like to write, as a hobby, yet to blog for an audience means putting certain disciplines in place, such as blogging at certain intervals, and then the question arises "Why am I bothering to blog?" so it's a sort of cycle.

      Anyway - it's far too late for me to be awake - night!

  3. Never lose that attitude that it is only a hobby and you will never be disappointed or overextended. It's the philosophy that keeps me going regardless of how disciplined or professional I might act. There may come a day when I just say "screw it" and not post a single thing for God knows how long and you know what is good? It's just a hobby, I can do that :)

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