Sunday, 4 October 2015

Windows 10 vs Google Chrome

(Please enjoy this blog post, I fell down the stairs earlier - an event surely deserving of beer and a lack of achievement - yet I still went back upstairs to the PC to write it!  However, I am knelt on the floor as sitting in a chair is a little uncomfortable.)

I'm struggling at the moment.  You see, I've got Windows 10.  By and large, I'm very happy with it - I can't particularly say that it's better than 8 (or even 7, for that matter), but it seems fine.

However, ever since I got it, Google Chrome keeps falling over, and I love Google Chrome.  I use a lot of the Google websites and services available (including, obviously, its Blogger facility), Chrome is fast, and does everything I want well.

So having to try Microsoft Edge, which seems sluggish in comparison (and isn't automatically logged in to all my Google stuff) isn't great.

Chrome seems to work as long as I don't open too many tabs at the same time, so I'm having to audit my tab usage constantly, as I am one of these people that has tens of different internet windows open all at the same time.  I've tried looking for solutions but I've not found one that works yet.  I may be forced to employ the services of Colin to help me out.

And he hasn't even got his Microsoft certification.

Anyway, must dash - Downton Abbey starts in 20 minutes!


  1. It might actually be Chrome's fault. I have realized over the last few months the same problem (on Windows 7 and 10) that Chrome has become a RAM pig. Set Chrome to clear the browsing data every time you close it and it will help a lot, but not enough. Try Mozilla for a bit until Google figures it out (same tasks on Mozilla seem to be a lot more stable lately and it will integrate every bit as well as Chrome, they copy cat each other) .. Good luck and avoid the stairs.

    1. ~ waving at buddy Jeremy Crow ~
      Hi Thog, I've added you to my circles and I see you also know Crow! I've yet to be successful at the Windows 10 download. It keeps stalling out. Not the computer's fault either.

      What Jer said about clearing browsing data, helps a bit as does doing stuff on Mozilla for a bit. I learned most all of my stuff from Crow.


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