Saturday, 23 January 2016

A Cultured Saturday

As a rule, Saturdays are fairly routine.

Saturdays generally start with me and my son chilling out for a couple of hours with a leisurely breakfast, then we'll hit up a local soft play centre (as blogged about a number of times in the past), to be followed by lunch, some homework and general housework, tea, and then relaxing in the evening with a couple of beers.

Today, however, I decided that it would be different.

Today - we did culture!

After breakfast we went and picked up a parcel from the Royal Mail sorting office (which turned out to be an Assassins Creed style hoodie that's too small), and then we went in one of the local museums.  I haven't visited any of the local museums for years, and I forgot just how good they are, it's astounding really that you can go in all these places for free.  We ventured into a rail line signal box, briefly sat on a train carriage (slightly worryingly my son went off to sit with another father and son, but he didn't ask them to call the police or anything so that's okay), watched an old TV show and looked at lots of antique cars and hansom cabs and things.

Afterwards I got told the story of the three little pigs, and later on cooked some peppers stuffed with rice, cheese, steak, mushrooms, and onions.

Tomorrow, god willing, it'll be catching up on homework, that said I am attempting to ward off a chest infection through the use of beer, and early indications are that it isn't proving 100% effective.  Stay tuned.


  1. I used to take my daughter to the museum quite frequently. When she was around 2 I gave her a camera and let her take photos as she chose. The outcome varied, often she took photos of the corner of a room, or something which caught her eye on the floor, those which were of the artefacts in the museum were taken from her eye level. I continued to do this as she got older. Admittedly we now have some weird and wonderful pics of the treasures in our local museum, alongside photos of the door stops, the carpet, underneath counters etc, but she has grown with a love and appreciation for museums and a fairly natural affinity with the camera, and wet days in school hols the museum became our no.1 go to activity. Result!

    1. That's a great idea - I might get one of those disposable cameras and give my son a go at that :)

  2. I love our It's good to mix it up and I sure hope you don't catch that dreadful cold that's going around.

    1. That museum looks really good Sheryl, I love planetariums :)

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