Friday, 1 January 2016

Google Trends across the world

Happy 2016!  To all of my readers (thank you to each and every one of you that comes here, I do really appreciate it!) I hope that this year treats you well. I'm planning to do more creation of stuff - writing and videos - and I also want to collaborate more with other creators (if you have an idea, let me know)

2015 having come to an end, I discovered Google Trends the other day, which is quite cool - it was linked to on the main Google homepage a week or two back, and started off talking about what were the most searched for things in 2015, but I found that you can use Google Trends to see what is popular in other parts of the world.

For example, in Ireland they want to know how to eat pomelo and how to draw a minion, while in the UK people are more interested in how to get rid of brain freeze (perhaps they've been eating frozen pomelos).  In the UK - and Canada, for some reason - people are asking "What is a penny black stamp" (I'm disappointed in you people from the UK - it's a penny postage stamp, and was the first adhesive stamp made), however in the US they're asking "What is a lunar eclipse", which I'm also surprised at, maybe it's the term "lunar" instead of "moon"?

Meanwhile those crazy people from Holland (aka the Netherlands) are asking what is glamping.

Interestingly one of the most searched things in New Zealand is "what is the time in New Zealand" which fascinates me - do they not have watches or mobile phones with the time there?

Finally, South Africans want to know "how to smoke" while Australians are trying to find out how to tie a tie (and also make pancakes)

Finally, just one word of guidance for anyone not from the UK who is a fan of Downton Abbey - if you want to look like an absolute genius, go look up "pernicious anaemia" - when it gets to the finale you'll look amazing if you already know the answer.

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  1. I'd definitely think about some kind of collab with you, I have been toying with vlogging for years but never had the nerve, so maybe a collab is what is needed to break the ice for me!

    Happy New Year Thog!


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