Monday, 1 February 2016

I did Yoga and survived to tell the tale

 My wife had an idea that we should start the day off, every weekday, with a session of Yoga.  I didn't have any issue with this, I definitely could do with doing more exercise, and whilst Yoga isn't exactly two hours running, it's better than my usual morning routine, which generally involves turning the alarm off, lazing in bed when I should be getting ready, and forty minutes later running around the house getting dressed and shouting at people "WE'RE LEAVING THE HOUSE IN FIVE MINUTES! COAT! SHOES! WHERE'S YOUR BOOK BAG? NO I'M NOT IN A BAD MOOD!!!"

 So we happily got up at 6am, and put on the Yoga DVD, for a thirty minute morning workout.  My wife has done some yoga in the past, whilst I was a complete newcomer.

It started off with sitting, and breathing, and I began to lose a little confidence in the possibility that it would result in me losing twenty pounds overnight.

 And then we moved.

 And moved.

 As the workout went on the time between movements reduced, until the DVD was barking instructions along the lines of "Go into lilypad. Now ease into dragon stance. Now into breezy seaweed.  Breathe. Make sure that none of your toes are touching the ground. Go into toasted cracker.  Plank.  Soggy biscuit.  Plank.  Dead antelope. Alive antelope. Plank.  Angry caterpillar. Breathe." and it worked - at the end I definitely felt like a dead antelope, or whatever you're supposed to feel like.  It's amazingly hard work (certainly if you've never done it before) and I definitely felt my muscles afterwards.  It took me all of my strength to eat a bacon sandwich to recover.

 I'm not looking forward to tomorrow.


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