Saturday, 16 April 2016

A Rubbish Timetable #FixThePlus

I've noticed a pattern...

Monday morning - time for work!
Monday evening - phew, what a day!  Time to relax.
Tuesday morning - hmm, that kitchen bin is starting to look a little full.. hey, it's time for work!
Tuesday evening - I definitely need to empty that bin in the morning, but it gets too full.
Wednesday morning - boy that bin needs emptying... hey, time for work!
Wednesday evening - man that bin really needs emptying... First thing tomorrow, I'll empty the bin.
Thursday morning - running late!
Thursday evening - oh man, I meant to empty that bin. (Gives all the rubbish a big push down to try to make more room)  First thing tomorrow.
Friday morning - hey, it's Friday! Nearly the weekend!  Right, time for work!
Friday evening - that bin is far too full. But it's Friday night, time to kick back with a beer.
Saturday morning - why is it that every time I empty the bin is it overflowing?!? Next week, I'm going to empty it ahead of time.

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