Thursday, 8 September 2016

Star Trek 50th Anniversary

It's Star Trek's 50th anniversary today!

Star Trek was one of my favourite shows and big interests when I was growing up.  I even painted a huge control board, based on information from the Next Generation Technical Manual, so that I could pretend to be controlling the Enterprise (Enterprise-D for those fellow fans, TNG was always my favourite)

Ooh, there's a Deep Space 9 technical manual...

I don't know why I liked Star Trek so much, but the characters were cool (there was even an android on the bridge!), the ship did all kinds of great stuff, and the special effects looked amazing (at the time, anyway).

Anyway, I had an idea a little while back to start a series of videos looking at some of my favourite games (mainly computer but maybe a couple of tabletop or mobile games also), and it seems to make perfect sense to start it off today with a look at Star Trek: Birth of the Federation. Enjoy :)


  1. I always had a little difficulty putting my fingers in that position. Right now, I'm trying to do it and my little pinky wants to pull away from the rest. I saw an interview with Leonard Nimoy on Youtube on how he came up with that sign. It's pretty neat.

    1. It's weird, I can do it with my left hand but not my right (and I'm right handed). I do love the story about how he came up with it :)

  2. My husband has watch every single show ever made:)

    1. That's awesome!! I can't claim that I've done that, although I've seen most TNG and DS9, but the other series I'm weaker on.


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