Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Mattresses aren't things that I tend to spend a lot of time thinking about.  In fact, I'd go so far to say that I probably spend less than 30 seconds in a day thinking about mattresses.  Maybe even less than 10.

Until now.

Because the mattress purchased with our bed nine years ago has seen better days - on my side it has a definite groove where I've persistently laid on it for 3,000 days or so, and when my back played up last weekend the lack of mattressy support made for some tough nights.

I'm giving even more thought to mattresses because our spare bed mattress is absolutely dreadful, about an inch thick and totally unsupporting, it used to be on my son's bed until I realised just how bad it was, and swapped it for the spare bed mattress (that one virtually never being used).

But the range is desperately confusing.

Pocket Sprung sounds very good, and I think is the same as our current mattress, so there's something to be said for getting a like for like mattress.  However, I'm tempted by memory foam - apparently it's absolutely awesome, except that some people don't like it.

I like the idea of memory foam for my son as well, because it's good for allergens (stopping them, not creating them!), which with my son having asthma is something to consider.  But apparently it gets warmer than normal mattresses, which I worry that in the summer months will mean that he'll be too hot.

Then I stumbled upon organic mattresses.

Apparently "normal" mattresses have got all kinds of horrid chemicals in, which infiltrate into people, especially children, and pollute their innards. Frankly, I don't know how I made it to the age I am now, recklessly sleeping on chemical-laden mattresses like a drug-addled daredevil.

So should I go and order a special mattress made out of magic beans and kitten poo for my son?  Perhaps it might soak up vomit though?  It gets very confusing.

And stressful, because I've taken on the responsibility of purchasing these mattresses, and I'm even struggling with where to go - all of the nice big bed superstores, with helpful and friendly staff, and where you could try a mattress out, seem to charge double the price of the small shop down a dodgy street where you'll get a cheap mattress which may or may not have been stolen.  And this is not even thinking about going online.

So, I'm faced with spending a good chunk of cash on some sleeping solutions which may or may not suit me, my wife, and our son, for years ahead.

I think I'll book into a hotel, at least then you can ask for a refund if you don't get a good nights sleep!

Do feel free to let me know in the comments any advice you have, it'll be much appreciated!


  1. Mattresses. They can be so expensive! Who has millions to spend on one? You can get the model that NASA endorsed. At least that is what Temperpedic tells me. I feel for you, Mike. My husband just completed therapy for his back. Thank God surgery wasn't in the cards. I hope you feel better!

    1. Thanks Susan, I've bitten the bullet and ordered two mattresses online, they arrive on Monday so we'll see then if I've made the right choice!

  2. That's a very good question, Mike.

  3. Mattress shopping sounds very complicated. :P I could probably use a new one myself. Oh well. At least, I have a nice new pillow, the "My Pillow" which is advertised on TV all the time here in the U.S.

    1. I'm looking at pillows now, we have about three pillows each because they're worn out really, think a couple of new ones is in order.

  4. I spend quite a lot of my day thinking of my mattress, I long to get reunited at the end of the day. My mattress is a memory foam which we got on sale - wonderful!

    1. I tried some memory foam ones and they felt good. I've ended up going for a gel / pocket sprung hybrid which sounds as if it's more technologically advanced than anything else I own. It shows up tomorrow so I'll find out if I've made the right decision or not then :)

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