Saturday, 18 March 2017

Travelling Book update!

Well, I'm absolutely buzzing at the moment.

Long-term readers may recall the Travelling Book Project that I did back in 2014, sending blank journals to people for them to write in, and then pass on to other people, and so on until the journals were full, and hopefully they'd come back to me so I could scan them and put them up on the internet for all to see.

And the grey hairs were slightly less obvious

Anyway, I've just got a message to hear that one of the books, #tbook18, is alive and well and in Ontario in Canada.

Number 18 is a special one for me because whilst most of the books were mailed off to people to start their journeys, I dropped 18 off myself, starting its journey by leaving it in the Hull College library.  Since then it's popped up in Oregon, Illinois, and now it's crossed the border and in Canada.

I knew that it was always unlikely that all of the books would make it home, but I hoped that at least one would.  So it's great to see that at least one of them is still journeying around the world.


  1. Such a great, innovative idea, Mike. Sounds like a Flat Stanley except in book form. Let us know the progress when it gets back from The Great White North!

  2. I love this idea. I hope one makes it home.

    1. Thanks :) fingers crossed at least one makes it home! If for no other reason than I think there's an idea for a book about the project - but it'll be a rubbish book if I don't get at least one of these back!


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