Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Within a (40 mile) stones throw

So, I was idly checking out possible hotel deals, and spotted one that seemed pretty cheap if you just wanted a quiet break away from it all.  Only one thing...

If it doesn't show up too well in the photo, the website text it describes the hotel as being a "one-hour drive from Lincoln" and also as being "within a stones throw from Lincoln".  Not sure who's throwing that stone, it is roughly 40 miles between the two places!

Today has been a day of things getting broken, this afternoon my son broke his tablet and we'll have to get the screen replaced (to be fair it's stood up to several years of not entirely gentle use, and even now it works, just with a badly cracked screen), but possibly more impressively, I managed to break my razor.

With. My. Face.

My electric razor has a beard trimmer on the side, but today when I pressed it to my face, it promptly popped off the beard trimmer bit rather than take on my facial topiary.  Currently it's been heavily glued, but I'm not holding out great hope...


  1. Ouch! You didn't get cut, I hope! Yes, I never understood the actual mileage behind a stone's throw. Is it in your backyard or a 1000 mi away? You should create the baseline, Mike!

    1. Sadly the glue has failed to make the beard trimmer bit work, so it's back to a manual razor for me!

  2. Electric razors never cut it (literally) with me. Maybe the hotel has a catapult in the car park for chucking rocks at Lincoln?

    1. As a rule I tend to shave once or twice a week (out of laziness more than anything else), so I'll use the beard trimmer to chop the length down, then the electric razor to do most of it, and finish with a manual to get any rogue hairs. I've tried expensive electric razors, can't say there's any difference between them and a reasonably cheap one except for fancy LCD screens and stuff.

      And yes, perhaps the hotel does have a catapult!


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