Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Rants of Spring

We are determinedly in the middle of spring, and it should make me happy.  That's the deal, right? At last the icy chills of winter are fading away, new growth, sunny days, all that sort of thing.

Well, I'm determined to put an alternative point of view forward.

Firstly, you have to start cutting the grass.  The grass hasn't been cut for six months, and so has taken on sufficient water to be shipped off to a drought-ridden country to supply a small family with water for a month, meaning that the lawn mower can't chop the grass, and merely chews it a bit, like a cow with Attention Deficit Disorder (as an aside, I wonder if anyone ever uses the word "deficit" in topics other than attention disorders and budgets).

Added to the challenge of cutting the grass is that randomly throughout the exercise of grass mastication your mower will encounter one of the various plastic toys abandoned in the garden in autumn the previous year, either forcing the mower blades to wail as they try to slice a mouldy water pistol into plastic salami, or, if you hit the toy just right, the blades and wheels combine to propel it flying frantically into the air, to be stopped heroically by your face.

And of course, everything is growing, not just the grass.  Suddenly every damn weed and bush in the garden decides that this is the moment to grow as quick and fast as they can, so suddenly spiky growths dart across paths to stab you in the ankle as you try to get a pair of secateurs to deal with them.

Then there's hayfever.  I fortunately don't suffer with hayfever, but my wife does, and it's not pleasant for me to endure her sneezing and running eyes.  I dare say that she's not overkeen on it either.

Insects are next - after a few pleasant months of insects either being dead or asleep, now they are taking once again to the air, ready to fly in my ears or walk all over my cheesecake.

The sun in the spring is a particularly curious beast, I find.  It's low enough in the sky that it blinds you when driving to work, and is extremely bright indeed, yet apparently gives no heat whatsoever, forcing a recovery of those winter sweaters that you had decisively put away.

At least we've now got past the week or so when you wake up "late" because of daylight saving time (British Summer Time in my country) and you're consistently late for work for a week because you're waking up at the time you've been waking up at for the last six months.

Nevertheless, I'll be complaining even more about summer.  Being English, complaining about the weather is an essential activity for myself, and I look forward to complaining about it being too hot briefly rather than the rest of the year, when it's too cold.


  1. Mike- I feel for you. I detest yard work always have. Maybe it is because I was weeding & got an acute case of poison ivy. Where I currently reside we don't have spring. It will go from low temps to high temps with 100% humidity.
    Just know there are others that share your opinion.

    1. Yeah, to be honest from what I understand complaining about gardening (or yardwork) not something I can really do in comparison to the US. The worst thing we get from our weeds is nettled! Cheers for reading Susan :)

  2. I'm with you brother, but everything here is scary dry, and the only thing that really grows is the weeds.

    1. Fair enough Tim, to be honest I could live with that, as long as it's dry :)

  3. I've already tackled the first cut and luckily (for me doing that particular activity) winter seems to have returned. As a cyclist I love spring and summer so this return to winter we've been enduring this last few days has meant I've had to get out the winter kit again.

    1. Yeah, I probably wouldn't mind so much if it got steadily warmer, but it feels as though basically I cut the grass, and now it's wet and cold yet sunny so the grass is double the size it was a minute ago :)


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