Saturday, 2 September 2017

Broken Dream

Happy Saturday!

I'm really sad to say that my dream is broken.

I think my son dropped it.

The dream light isn't the only thing that's broken, I also discovered that the iPad charger cable was broken this morning. Now, I actually prepared for this several months ago, by buying three reinforced iPad cables from the internet that would be handy replacements when for previous ones died (they break fairly regularly in our house).

Of course, now that I need them, I haven't got a clue where the three cables are.  So I had to go out and buy a new one.  As an aside, a bit of a tip for most of the shops near me - it might be worth opening your shop on Saturdays, that's when a lot of people aren't at work and come buying stuff! It's a pain, I know, I don't want to work on the weekend either, but if you're trying to get people to come to your local shop rather than go to the supermarket, you need to be open when they want you.

On the plus side, my son and I went to the circus this afternoon!  Neither of us have been to a circus before, and I have to say that it was great fun, I think both of us liked the acrobats most, but it was all good, I'd definitely go back.

Hopefully I'll get some writing done this weekend, most of my spare time I'm channelling into a novel I'm writing at the minute. I hope you're having a good weekend, and do drop a message in the comments as to what you're up to!

PS - Happy Beard Day! Unfortunately I had a shave the other day, so here's one I made earlier...


  1. I always lose stuff only when I need it. It'd be a good idea if all workplaces staggered days off across the week, then Saturdays wouldn't be as busy.

  2. Hi Mike. I've been inactive on blogging and Google for a while and getting back into it. I was expecting this to be a sad post, and I'm glad to see it's not! Your "broken dream" graphic looked so cool that I did not realize, at first, it was a broken light you had. :) I'm curious about your novel project.

    1. Hi Susan, great to hear from you :) I agree, the light does look surprisingly cool for a fairly cheap broken trinket! The novel is coming on thanks, although it does feel as though it's far too slow - and I often wonder if it's worth working on it when self-doubt rears its head - but it is coming on :) Hope you're well?


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