Saturday, 28 October 2017

Operation Tooth Extraction

My son lost one of his teeth the other day (not like in a fight or anything, he's 7 and his baby teeth are coming out to be replaced with his adult teeth), and we agreed that it would go under his pillow for the tooth fairy to collect.

I asked him before he went to bed what the tooth fairy would leave in the place of the tooth. He thought about it for a moment, and answered,

"A coin."

Which is fine - I have coins, preferably ones worth very little.

But he didn't just want a coin. My son went on, and elaborated.

"A big, chocolate coin."

I didn't have any of these.

So, once my son was in bed I went out to track down a big chocolate coin. Fortunately because Christmas is only 3 months away and as a result every shop is decorated like Santa's grotto, I was able to find a shop selling bags of chocolate coins.

The really big problem came next.

This was trying to get the coin under his pillow (and tooth removed) without him waking up.

I have many strengths, but stealth is not one of them.


I'm well built, and we have creaky floors. Nevertheless, I was dispatched to do the deed, as a slightly rotund ninja.

Stealthily sliding my feet along the floor, I did brilliantly until I got right up to my sons bed, and encountered one weak floorboard, which went CREEAKKK! and his sleeping body shifted at the noise.

Fortunately my son is a very sound sleeper, and I managed to swap the tooth for a couple of chocolate coins, and got out of there before I made any more noises.

Not quite sure what to do with the tooth now...


  1. Mike the Ninja tooth fairy, it almost sounds like a rock opera.

    1. That's definitely my next stage production :)

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  3. Thog does care, thank you made my day

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