Saturday, 3 February 2018

Steak Pie

I love the internet :)

I replied to a lady on the internet a couple of weeks back, who was kindly asking what I wanted, with details.

Over the last couple of days the tweet has been getting some likes, which led me to this morning messaging a chap a recipe for a steak and ale pie, and clarifying what is meant by good honest gravy.

And what I mean - chip shop gravy.

Not "ju".  Not thin, watery stuff that rolls off the plate should you tip it.  Proper gravy.

Thinking back, when I was a kid and went to my grandparents for dinner, sometimes they would ask if I wanted gravy, but because they didn't actually like gravy, you'd actually get a chicken & leek cup-a-soup. Which was fine because I love chicken & leek soup, but is a bit weird calling it gravy.

In other news, my wife has been awesome.

On Wednesday, our son drew up plans for a toy that he wanted.

The only trouble is... you can't buy it.

Basically, it's an erasable whiteboard with a series of numbers at the bottom on loops, each in a particular colour.

My wife made it last night, which led to the cry this morning from my son's bedroom of:


She's awesome :)

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. I'm with you on the steak and ale pie with proper chips (not frozen). I'd just change the beer and location (a nice ruby bitter whilst overlooking Cardigan Bay in Wales). Maybe I'd add a cheeky Yorkshire Pudding on the side!

    1. That sounds very good Captain, I've never been to Cardigan Bay but I understand that it's very nice :)

  2. Now I'm hungry and thirsty and in the mood to travel.

    That is one good looking kid, Mike. Love the hair.

    1. I'm going to Dublin in April, haven't been for about 10 years - Guinness definitely tastes better there!

      He's a good lad :) we do offer to cut his hair but as long as he wants it curly we're happy for it to stay :)


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